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Tuesday, 22 January 2019 22:00

Patek's Twin Spring Single Barrel Watch

The barrel of the watch contains the mainspring, the wound piece of metal that provides the power for the watch to tick. Most watches get 36-40 hours of power from a fully wound mainspring. There are watches that have double barrels, and two mainsprings, to provide 80-100 hours of power. There are also some, more novelty watches, with several barrels and mainsprings.

Typically multiple barrels are placed in series to provide a more consistent power output over time.

And then there is Patek, with their 2013 patent on a single barrel with two stacked mainsprings. The main advantage Patek claims in their application is that by stacking them, you end up savings space. You can have a ratchet for winding on one side of the barrel, and a wheel on other for driving the movement, while still having the benefit of two springs.

I don't think this is particularly revolutionary, but it's an interesting space saving design. 

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